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About our shots

Do I still need to mix SUPP24 with water or something else?

No, all products are ready-to-drink. So you only have to shake it, remove the cap and shot. That easy!

When should I not use SUPP24 products?

If you are being treated by a doctor, always ask for advice first. We recommend that women who are pregnant or breast-feeding and children under the age of 16 do not use SUPP24.

How often can I use SUPP24 per day?

We recommend a maximum of 1 shot per day per product. So you can take a Pre Work Out and a Protein Shot, but not 2x a Protein Shot. (We think it is important that you also eat a varied and balanced diet)


What form/type of vitamin B12 is in Skin Collagen?

Skin Collagen contains cyanocobalamin.

How quickly will I notice results?

Our body is constantly renewing itself, but not all cells are renewed at the same rate. This means that if you take Skin Collagen today, you will only notice results in about 28 days. Your body needs to replenish first and then it can use the quality collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals to tighten your skin, reduce wrinkles, produce stronger nails and shiny hair, give you more energy and counteract the aging process.

Is Skin Collagen a one-time course or should I continue to use it?

If you supplement the collagen every day, you will see more results every time. If you stop, then the collagen level slowly decreases again. It is recommended to start with a course of 60 days for optimal results. After these 60 days you can switch to maintenance, where you take 4-5 bottles every week. Others just use it every day because it makes them feel so good. This is a personal choice.

How do I use Skin Collagen for the best results?

Drink one shot of Skin Collagen per day for at least 60 days. For the best and most visible results, we recommend drinking SUPP24 Skin Collagen every morning on an empty stomach for at least 60 days. We describe this as the “transformation” or “kick-start” phase, which ensures that your body gets the highest concentration of collagen peptides in the shortest time. This also stimulates collagen production in your own body.

After this first phase, you can switch to 4-6 times a week for maintenance.

Can I use Skin Collagen while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to say anything about this, from the NVWA we cannot give advice regarding the use of supplements during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Do you want to start using skin collagen? Then present the ingredients to your doctor/physician.

Can I also use other supplements besides SUPP24 shots?

If you also take other supplements, be careful not to exceed the recommended daily amount.

Where does our collagen come from?

The collagen in SUPP24 Skin Collagen comes from a fish. 2 types of fish even, tilapia and pangasius. The collagen comes from the skin and bone of the fish (Type 1 & 3). This is definitely very kind to the environment as they normally don’t use these parts and otherwise destroy them.

The cultivation process is done internally at our facility. All this translates into a high production standard from a food safety point of view of the raw material we buy. They are certified ISO 17025, Global GAP, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, Global Standard for Food Safety, International Food Standard. In addition, all raw materials supplied to us are delivered with microbiological and chemical analyses.

Is SUPP24 Skin Collagen suitable for people with diabetes?

Yes, SUPP24 Skin Collagen is very suitable for people with diabetes. The product does not contain enough added natural sweeteners to cause a hypo. They do not affect blood sugar levels. Always consult your doctor when in doubt

Is Skin Collagen Halal and/or Kosher?

Yes, the product is suitable for Halal and Kosher.

What does Skin Collagen do for me?

As we age, we make less collagen. And that while collagen is an important protein in our body; it provides elasticity and firmness to the skin and helps keep joints supple. Our skin can bind less moisture, causing wrinkles and blemishes. Our joints also become stiffer.

SUPP24 Skin Collagen has a unique formula! These are the benefits of Skin Collagen:

  • Nourishes the skin from within (vitamins A, B3, B8 and zinc)
  • Normal structure and function of the skin (vitamin C)
  • Maintain healthy skin (vitamin A, B3, B8 and zinc)
  • Good for hair and nails (zinc)
What other unique ingredients are in it?

All ingredients and their effective efficacy:

  • Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen (10 grams)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (100mg)
  • Magnesium (56.25mg)
  • Zinc (1.5mg)
  • Selenium (8.25 μg)
  • Vitamins (A, B3, B5, B6, B1, B12, B8, B9, C, D,E & K)
  • Bioperine
  • Stevia and natural flavors
What is Marine Collagen?

Our collagen is made from sustainable, responsibly farmed and certified Pangasius and Tilapia fish.

Marine Collagen and Dosage
Scientific research has shown that marine collagen is absorbed by the body up to 1.5x more efficiently than other types of collagen, such as beef or pork sources. SUPP24 Skin Collagen also contains the highest dose of 10 grams of marine collagen compared to similar products.

Our marine collagen is 100% hydrolyzed, which means that the proteins are broken down into peptides that are more easily absorbed by the body. This ensures maximum absorption and rapid utilization of the ingested collagen.

Daily Clean shot

Why is there little information available about this product?

Due to strict EU legislation (EFSA), we are unfortunately only allowed to provide limited information about supplements. Only the approved claims that are in the EU database are listed on our website. Unfortunately, we cannot all share results from scientific studies that have not been submitted to the EU for approval.

What should I do after the course?

The Daily Clean shot is available as a course. Good to know: when you have finished the treatment, you can continue taking this supplement. Use the Daily Clean shot daily and supplement your vitamins and minerals. Want to continue after the cure? Then choose the 36-day stock package, where you take 1 shot per day or activate one of our subscriptions.


Why is there little information available about this product?

Due to strict EU legislation (EFSA), we are unfortunately only allowed to provide limited information about supplements. Only the approved claims that are in the EU database are listed on our website. Unfortunately, we cannot all share results from scientific studies that have not been submitted to the EU for approval.

Taking a Fatburner before or after exercise?

Because most Fatburners contain stimulating or energy-generating ingredients, it is better to take the SUPP24 Fatburner shot before training.

Should i take my Fatburners before or after dinner?

It is best to use a fatburner while eating. Preferably during breakfast. It does not really matter in which order you do this, it is important that you eat something with it.

Is a Fatburner dangerous?

No, using a fatburner is not dangerous if you stick to the recommended amount of 1 shot per day. This product contains 150 mg of caffeine per serving. The recommended amount of caffeine is 400 mg per day.

Good to know: a dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for persons under the age of 18. Consult an expert first if used simultaneously with other products and stimulants such as caffeine. Not to be used in case of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, thyroid, kidney or prostate problems. Not to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

NZVT & Informed Sports

What is the NZVT/Informed Sports?

NZVT: In order to minimize the risks of an unintentional positive doping control and to give top athletes and their supervisors more clarity about the subject of “nutritional supplements and doping”, the Netherlands Security System for Nutritional Supplements Top Sport has been set up, or the NZVT.

Informed Sports: is a UK quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, sports nutrition suppliers and supplement suppliers.

SUPP24 has a certification for all sports supplements, so you can be sure that you can use the supplements safely. This way, our shots remain accessible to athletes of all levels, including top athletes.

Is SUPP24 approved for top athletes?

Yes, all SUPP24 sport shots (Pre Workout & Protein) are approved by the NZVT and Informed Sports. We recommend that the elite athletes only use these nutritional supplements. This allows them to minimize the risk of a positive doping test through the use of dietary supplements.

Pre Work Out

Why is there little information available about this product?

Due to strict EU legislation (EFSA), we are unfortunately only allowed to provide limited information about supplements. Only the approved claims that are in the EU database are listed on our website. Unfortunately, we cannot all share results from scientific studies that have not been submitted to the EU for approval.

What do the ingredients in SUPP24 Pre Work Out do?

Beta Alanine (2gr)

Beta alanine increases the concentration of carnosine in your muscles.

Carnosine neutralizes lactic acid, a substance released when muscles contract at high intensity. When muscle fibers contain too much lactic acid, they stop contracting. Carnosine postpones that moment, allowing athletes to train more intensively and to administer stronger growth stimuli to their muscles.

The positive effects are strongest with intensive efforts lasting longer than 1 minute and shorter than 4 minutes. A side effect of beta-alanine is neurasthenia: a tingling sensation in your face and upper body. This is completely normal and will disappear after 5 minutes.

L- Arginine (2gr) & Citrulline Malate (1gr)

These two substances have more or less the same effect and one is even converted into the other by the body. Both substances ensure that the veins widen so that more oxygen can be transported to the muscles. Also known as the well-known “pump”. In addition to the pump, these additions also have a positive effect on endurance.

Research has shown that you especially benefit from it in your third and fourth set. Up to 12% more reps in your third set and up to 50% more reps in your fourth set. Count out your winnings! More reps at the right weight is ultimately a greater incentive to muscle growth.

Caffeine (200mg)

People experience a more energetic feeling, better focus, more alertness and greater stamina through caffeine. In addition, caffeine has a scientifically proven stimulating effect on strength performance.

When do I take a Pre Work Out?

To benefit from the effects of a pre-workout, drink 60 ml fifteen minutes to 20 minutes before your training or workout.


When do I take SUPP24 Protein?

Drink one shot directly after training/workout or use as a protein-rich snack in between. This way you can get your proteins back quickly and easily.

Is SUPP24 Protein gluten free?

Yes, SUPP24 shots are gluten free.

What does hydrolyzed protein mean?

Normally a protein consists of 20 amino acids that are all attached to each other like a kind of snake. If it is hydrolyzed, then this snake with amino acids is cut short and will therefore be absorbed into the body much faster. This way you recover faster and you have less muscle pain compared to a normal protein shake.


Can I exchange or return a product?

That is possible! You can contact for this. You do, however, bear the costs for returning the product.


  • You have not tried more than 1 bottle from the pack.
  • The packaging is undamaged. If the product is damaged or the packaging is more damaged than is necessary to try the product, we can pass on this depreciation of the product to you. So treat the product with care and make sure that it is well packaged when returning it
  • You can exchange or return the products within 14 days. The money will be refunded within 10 working days after receipt.

For more information, please refer to our return policy and terms and conditions.

I have a complaint!

It can always happen that something does not go quite as planned. We recommend that you first make complaints known to us by sending an email to From 15 February 2016 it is also possible for consumers in the EU to register complaints via the ODR platform of the European Commission. This ODR platform can be found at If your complaint is not yet being handled elsewhere, you are free to file your complaint via the European Union platform.

What is the delivery time?

When SUPP24 receives order, we will send your package as soon as possible via PostNL international. It depends on the country, where you’re ordering from. As soon as the products are shipped, you will receive a track and trace code with the delivery date.


Is payment safe with you?

Payment is very safe with us. The payments are handled externally by Mollie. Reliable partners where you don’t have to worry about fraudulent actions as a result of your payment to us.

How can I pay with you?

Payment is very simple and safe with us. For example, you can choose iDeal, Banccontact, Sofort or Creditcard during checkout. iDeal payments are handled by Mollie, our payment partner who ensures that your payment is processed securely. You can also choose Klarna, which allows you to pay 14 days after receiving the products.

Wrong product delivered?

If a product has been delivered incorrectly, please contact us immediately via We will contact you as soon as possible to solve the problem properly.

What are the shipping costs?

This depends on the country from which you order. You can also find the shipping costs when entering your details in the shopping cart.


What are the benefits of a SUPP24 subscription?

A subscription with SUPP24 has several benefits. The most important is, of course, that:

  • it is better for the environment: instead of many individual packages, you now always receive your package at fixed times per month, 2 months or per quarter. This means fewer trips for the delivery person and less packaging material. You also have to receive a package less often or pick it up at a pick-up location. So a win-win situation!
  • As a subscriber you also receive a standard discount on our packages. With more boxes per period, you will receive higher discounts!
I would like to activate a subscription. What are my options?

If you want to activate an subscription, you can choose between a monthly delivery, 2 monthly delivery or a quarterly delivery. When ordering you can indicate how many boxes you want to receive per delivery. You can also choose to subscribe to multiple products. These will then be delivered at the same time. Of course you can always change this later in your account.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, this should of course be possible. Make sure you cancel the subscription a week before the next shipment is scheduled. You can always find this date in your account. Have you already received a shipping confirmation? Then the shots are already on their way and unfortunately we can’t stop them anymore.

You can easily manage your subscription within your SUPP24 account. Click on ‘orders’, here you will see an overview of your current subscriptions and orders. Here you can pause or cancel your subscription.

What does a subscription cost?

You decide how you construct your subscription! The more boxes you want to receive per delivery, the higher the discount on your subscription.



What is your packaging made of?

Consumers often ask us if we will ever fill our shots in glass bottles? Our choice to use recyclable PET (R-PET) when we started SUPP24 in 2016 was entirely conscious, for many reasons, of convenience, safety, logistics costs and carbon footprint. We have 25 years of experience in this and have been researching this material for years.

SUPP24 is aware of the environmental burden that packaging material entails, developments have not stood still in recent years and we have also changed tack when it comes to the burden on our environment. From now on, our 60 ml bottles are made from recycled Polyester, a high concentration of recycled PET is now the main component of this bottle.

This bottle can also simply be returned to the plastic waste container, to be given a new lease of life as a PET bottle or other applications. You can of course throw the cardboard box back into the paper container, which then produces new paper or cardboard.

For example, we have decided to make our packaging materials circular.

Why don’t you use glass shots?

Here are some facts! Did you know that we use about 24 times as much glass for beverage bottles as plastic for packaging the same amount of liquids?

But we can reuse glass bottles, right? Yes, but not indefinitely. You can reuse a glass water bottle about 8 times before it needs to be remelted in a new glass bottle. And in the reuse phase, you use water and really aggressive chemicals for the intermediate cleaning. The glass shows defects over time, such as small cracks, and is then ground for recycling into new glass. Recycling glass takes about the same amount of energy as making a completely new glass bottle. Not as durable as you may think..

Glass vs. Recycling plastic

We can reuse glass bottles 8 times. Sounds nice, but plastic bottles are recycled. Suppose that only 50% is recycled, then the amount of effectively used plastics is also halved. So even if we consider reusing glass, we still use 6 times as much glass as plastic.

Ultimately, per cubic meter of water and assuming the 8-fold reuse of glass and 50% PET recycling, 125 kg of glass is needed versus 20 kg of plastic. That is an enormous amount of material that you need to process in bottles, where you use energy and water and also emit CO2. Did you know that glass melts at 1500°C? While the plastic for drinking bottles melts at 300°C? The amount of energy required is astonishing.

What about transport and pollution?

Due to the higher weight of glass, we spend almost double that on transporting glass. Studies show that the actual number ranges from 1.6 to 1.8 times the energy used to transport liquids in glass compared to plastic (200 to 1000 km transport scenarios). The further the distance, the greater the impact.

Take all this together and glass really isn’t the green champion we imagine it to be. Plastic bottles that are backed by a good recycling program and consumers – you and me – who actually recycle are actually better for the environment.