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“It’s our mission to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.”

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Why SUPP24 supplements?

  • 1 shot, easy and fast

    Another shaker cup leaked into your bag? Not anymore with SUPP24's ready-made shots. Just an all-in-one shot, no more hassle with powders and large jars. 24/7 your supplements with you, which are easy, safe and quick to take.

  • Perfect for a busy lifestyle

    Not a star in taking supplements? Or are you always on the go? With a busy lifestyle, these shots are perfect to maintain your health!

  • Let's go liquid!

    Because the products are liquid, 90%-95% of all ingredients are absorbed into your body. More than double what is achieved by tablets or soluble powders. Value for your money!

  • NZVT & Informed Sports certified

    All our sports shots are approved by the NZVT and Informed Sports. The shots are therefore safe to use for athletes of all levels.

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Why SUPP24 supplements?

Benefits of SUPP24

Our range consists of the Sport and Beauty & Health line. With both lines we focus on the healthy lifestyle of both men and women, where your health is always our top priority.

Our shots are always developed with care and sufficient research. With our handy all-in-one 60 ml shots, we offer athletes at all levels nutritious and handy supplements.


Sugar free


Liquid for a
better absorption

Informed sports


Friends of the brand

''I followed the Skin Collagen 60 day treatment and I have to say that I am very happy with what it has done for me! My skin feels smoother, I have super strong nails and I notice that I suffer less from muscle pain after exercise. The funny thing is that I only expected to look better, but that I also feel better is a very nice perk."


''I am a huge fan of the Skin Collagen supplement from SUPP24, I normally recommend these shots to my clients in addition to the treatments I perform. It has the right composition, the right helpers, the right dosage and it doesn't taste bad at all! ''

Aesthetic doctor Dr. Liesbeth Laureyn

“Once you have progressed in your training and your diet is in order, supplements are a good addition to a healthy lifestyle. SUPP24 suits my customers perfectly, it's easy, fast and the quality is top notch. With SUPP24 we lift your training and lifestyle to a higher level! ''

Dwight Harkisoon Dwightos Personal Training

''With the ingredients in these all-in-one shots I give some extra attention to my body and I support my immune system. No more hassle with powders and pills. You can easily put the bottle in your bag, perfect for a busy lifestyle."


''After 60 days of Skin Collagen I felt great and noticed that the condition of my skin had actually improved. Several people told me that I look good. That makes me a super happy woman.”

Romy Koster